Kim Smith

Kim Smith

MA, Sociology

Steve Garlick

I am interested in affect theory, queer theory, petroleum worlds, settler-colonialism, and feeling a lot about Edmonton and Alberta. I have an undergraduate in Environmental Studies from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where I cut my teeth in moss- and orchid-laden black spruce bogs, harm reduction social work, queerly-engaged artistic practice, and quietly disturbing things that don't really like being disturbed. I think of myself in some ways as an artist, activist, and academic, though seek to undo all those things as I work through them.

Thus far in Victoria I've been involved in the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group and am starting a facilitation collective doing trainings in anti-oppression, consensus-based decision-making, and affectively-engaged radical organizing work. Beyond this, my bicycle and cat-friend George are my daily obsessions, in addition to trying to read poetry every day.

Dr. Garlick is my patient and supportive supervisor for my Sociology/CSPT MA.