CSPT Lansdowne Lecture featuring Dr. Katherine Behar

This Thursday February 27th, 4:30-6:30pm in HHB 110, the CSPT program is proud to present its first Lansdowne Lecture, featuring Dr. Katherine Behar. The title of Dr. Behar's talk is, "Digitally Divided: The Art of Algorithmic (In)Decision".

Katherine Behar is an artist and critical theorist of new media who studies gender and labor in contemporary digital culture. In contexts spanning automation, mandated obsolescence, big data, and machine learning, she connects feminist and antiracist post-colonial and labor histories with a wave of new theories that grapple with the nonhuman object world.

This lecture will bring together examples of Behar’s artwork alongside episodes from media history and popular culture to explore how algorithms are being unleashed to powerfully reduce and normalize culture. Algorithms may be designed to allocate complex systems into manageable portions and suppress idiosyncrasy. Yet, in Behar’s art and writing, diverse and defiant populations of humans and nonhuman objects resist this drive toward standardization.

Katherine Behar is Associate Professor of New Media Arts at Baruch College and The CUNY Graduate Center. Her books include Object-Oriented Feminism, Bigger than You: Big Data and Obesity, and And Another Thing: Nonanthropocentrism and Art, as well as the solo exhibition catalogs, Data's Entry/Veri Girişi and E-Waste.

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