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The Return of “The Vanquished Viking Gods”

Discover the beginning of the downward journey of the Viking gods from deities in Valhalla to heroes in storybooks for Victoria children to moral figures for the use of home schoolers both in thepast and the present.

Wicked Little Letters

See the full schedule of movies at c!

Wicked Little Letters

See the full schedule of movies at c!

2024 Mock Interview Clinic

Have a 30-minute virtual mock interview with a real employer and get instant feedback on how you can ace your future interviews.

Mustard Seed & Multifaith Centre Food Share Program

This foodshare program provides food for UVic students through the Multifaith Centre.

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Food for Thought: Conversations to Nourish the Aging Brain

The Brain Health Research Cluster at UVic's Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health present part 2 of 3 of their Café Scientifique series entitled Forever Young: Brain Health and Aging . This session will provide a fun, interactive opportunity to discuss brain health with experts from the University of Victoria. What made them decide to research brain health and how it affectsaging? What do YOU want to know about brain health and aging? What research do YOU think still needs to be done? They are here to answer your questions!

Lunch will be provided for those attending in person. This event is free to attend, though registration is required.