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Welcoming Dr. Jeff Masuda to Social Dimensions of Health as Advisor

Jeff joins us from Queen’s University, where he is Canada Research Chair in Environmental Health Equity. A health geographer and critical health promotion scholar, he is known for his contributions to research, policy, and practice at the intersection between environmental and social wellbeing in an unequal world.

Discrete Math Seminar: The number of distinct eigenvalues realized by a symmetric matrix with a given graph

Speaker: Shahla Nasserasr, Rochester Institute of Technology
Location: Clearihue C111
Event type: Discrete math seminar

NFRF Exploration Grants

NFRF Exploration Grantsprovide up to $250,000 over 2 years to support novelinterdisciplinary research collaborations between the PI and one or more researchers, practitioners, policymakers, educators, decision-makers, healthcare administrators, Indigenous Elders, IndigenousKnowledge Keepers, patients, community leaders, individuals working for a charity, and/or a range of other individuals. A proportion of awards equal to the proportion of applications submitted thatare led by early career researcherswill be reserved for these researchers. Thissession will provide an overview of the application process and what types of projects and teams are appropriate. Plus lots of time for Q&A.

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Catholic Campus Mass

Please come and celebrate the source and summit of the Catholic faith. As Catholics, it is in the Eucharist, that we unite ourselves to Christ in which the mystery of salvation is accomplishedconcluding the 'sending forth' of the faithful. In this way believers fulfill God's will in their daily lives (CCC 1331, 1332).

The Witness Blanket Workshop

The objects in the Witness Blanket, a large-scale art installation by Carey Newman, symbolize memories andexperiences. These objects that have been gathered from across Canada from Indian Residential Schools, government buildings, and churches. Many of us know a little bit about Indian ResidentialSchools, and how they contributed to cultural genocide for Indigenous Peoples in Canada…but how might we go beyond the facts?

Heart-to-Heart Talks

Take time out of your busy schedule to join this online 1:1 program to explore and discuss what's important to you. Any topic can be discussed and conversation is withoutjudgement.

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