Faculty and Supervisors

There are more than 130 full-time faculty members engaged in health research across the 28 departments, schools, programs, institutes and research centres in the faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, and Human and Social Development. The innovative approach of our programs harnesses the full power of this large interdisciplinary base of health research expertise.

By cross-cutting traditional disciplinary affiliations, the SDH programs bring together researchers with a breadth of research experience, background and methodological expertise who challenge students to examine health research from a variety of perspectives.

While all UVic faculty are qualified to supervise SDH students, 35 faculty members are committed to participating actively supporting the program and servicing on student committees and are listed below. These faculty members form the official SDH faculty list and students must include at least one as a co-supervisor.

Prospective students who are considering applying to SDH are encouraged to consult our official faculty member list as a first step in your application process. Keep in mind that you are required to have confirmed, written support of at least one SDH faculty member, preferably two, at the time of application.

Name Department/School Email Websites
Alexandra D’Arcy Linguistics Website
Anastasia A. Mallidou Nursing Website
Astrid Brousselle Public Administration Website
Alison Murray Anthropology Website
Billie Allan Social Work No website
Bernie Pauly Nursing No website
Bruce Wallace Social Work Website
Carmen Rodirguez de France Indigeous Studies No website
Catherine A. Worthington Public Health and Social Policy Website
Damien Contandriopoulos Nursing No website
Denise Cloutier Geography Website
Jeff Corntassel Indigenous Studies Website
Jeff Masuda Public Health and Social Policy Website
Jennifer White Child and Youth Care Website
Karen Courtney Health Information Science Website
Karen Urbanoski Public Health and Social Policy Website
Kelli Stajduhar Nursing Website
Laurie Harding Child and Youth Care No website
Mandeep Kaur Mucina Child and Youth Care No website
Matthew Little Public Health and Social Policy Website
Midori Ogasawara Department of Sociology No website
Min Zhou Sociology No website
Nancy Clark Nursing Website
Nathan Lachowsky Public Health and Social Policy Website
Nichole Fairbrother Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health, UVic No website
Nigel Mantou Lou Psychology Website
Paul Whitinui Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education Website
Renée Monchalin Public Health and Social Policy Website
Robert Beringer Public Health and Social Policy

No website
Rob Hancock Anthropology No website
Rusty Souleymanov Social Work No website
Sarah Nutter Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies No website
Sarah Wright Cardinal Public Health and Social Policy Website
Simon Carroll Sociology Website
Tamara Humphrey Sociology No website
Thea Cacchioni Gender Studies Website
Theone Paterson Psychology Website