Eleah Stringer awarded a MSHRBC Health-Professional Investigator Award

Congratulations to Eleah Stringer having been awarded a MSHRBC Health-Professional Investigator Award! Eleah is a Master of Science student in the Social Dimensions of Health with a dual interest in nutrition and health equity in cancer care. Her thesis, under Andre Kushniruk, aims to co-develop an app with a group of survivors of head of neck cancer, aimed at using visual images to help explain cancer treatment and it's short and long term side effects. This grew from her phenomenological learnings working as a dietitian at BC Cancer and recognition of the need to include all patients in their health decisions, regardless of socioeconomic status and health literacy levels.

During her time at UVic, Eleah has also led a novel nutrition trial examining the role of intermittent fasting in lymphoma, under her secondary advisor, Dr. Julian Lum, of the Deely Research Center at BC Cancer. She has applied her community and clinical experience to her roles as a Teaching Assistant and Research Intern with Dr. Matthew Little, Assistant Professor in Public Health and Social Policy.

"I am so grateful for the experience and guidance I received from the University of Victoria researchers. The mentorship and training in mixed-methods, interdisciplinary, health research was pivotal in preparing me for this award."