Culminating Conference, 2021

Thivya Shanthakumar - Environmental Health Impacts on Indigenous Peoples

Ebony Swanson - Prescribing fresh food to address food (in)security and health: a scoping review

Leanne Philip - British Columbia's Healthy Communities Strategic Policy Framework

Hope Moir - Managing Urban Density and Health in Squamish, BC

Elyse Kornhauser-Promotion of Youth Mental Health during COVID19: Youth-led Social Marketing Project

Kathleen Oddliefson - Coordinating Care for Older Adults with Comorbid Congestive Heart Failure

Mariam Ahmad - Available Indigenous Cultural Safety Health Policy Tools in Canadian Governments

Katie O'Shea - Research for Program Development Indigenous Communities For Substance Use Treatment

Madison Wells- Exploring the Indigenous Homelessness Response with Integrated Alcohol Harm Reduction

Samuel Breau - Strategies for housing for people living with mental illness and/or using substances

Megan Henderson - Rapid Review: Indigenous Focused Managed Alcohol Programs in Canada

Sidney Tham - The Big Opportunity of Tiny Houses – Addressing Homelessness on Salt Spring Island

Britt Mullin - Healthy Soil: A Foundation For Growing Healthy Communities

Leilani Jordan - Food Security Assessment and Prioritization Project Maple Ridge, BC

Thomas Davidson - Island Health Climate Change Collaborative Process Document and Recommendations

Reilly Parkinson - Exploring Multilevel Tobacco Cessation Programs through a Health Equity Lens

Erin Corrigan - Precision Public Health & Health Equity

Jessica Sawh - A health equity approach to mass vaccination plans in Canada

Carly La Berge - The Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Health

Megan Sim - Connecting a Community: Wells Gray Country Senior's Society

Tiffany Diack - Practicum Placement Presentation: The Arthritis Society

Kyra Bohlken-Hern - Her Way Home: Final Presentation

Claire O'Brien - Community-Based Research Centre: Culminating Presentation

Sarah McDonald - Practicum Presentation: Out of the Rain

Melissa Cline - Culminating Conference: Practicum at Okanagan Nation Alliance

Sierra Roberts - Practicum Presentation: Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders Society (IKKES)

Adam Caines - Practicum presentation: Afro-Canadian Positive Network of BC

Maria Wong - Reviewing the Literature: Basic Income & Violence Against Women

Tayler Middleton - Well Living House & Anduzhe Mino Nesewinong