MPA Online

If you're an active professional preparing to advance your career in local, provincial, First Nations, or federal government, or in an international organization, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) Online program is for you.

You'll be encouraged to explore theory and practice in both policy analysis and public management and acquire a mix of skills that create career opportunities as managers, analysts, and consultants. Among our graduates are city managers, non-profit administrators, government administrators, and leaders in the interface between business and government.

You'll join a program with many other online students looking to combine graduate studies with work and family responsibilities. Our students come from across Canada and are committed to developing their public sector leadership skills while mastering the new information and communication technologies used in online study.

This order of courses is for students beginning in SEPTEMBER 2015 OR LATER.

Program synopsis

The program focuses on the topics of governance, policy, management, research, economics, finance, human resources and communications. Throughout the program, students also develop professional writing and research skills.

Our program starts in September and courses are offered year-round. When completing two courses per term, the program can be completed in just two years (six terms).

Finally, a solution

Think you can’t afford the time or funds to earn a master’s degree? You can complete the MPA Online program from home while meeting your professional and personal responsibilities. You will put your new-found knowledge and expertise to practice immediately, in your own work environment.

The program consists of 19.5 to 21 units of study, including 3 units of elective courses and 4.5 to 6 units for a client based Master's Project or Thesis. You'll begin with an introduction to the key building blocks of the program through the core courses, complemented by elective courses, and round out the program by completing a Master's Project or Thesis.

*Please note: the course order shown begins September 2015.

Program requirements for students admitted prior to September 2015 will remain as detailed in previous calendars.

Academic year one (September-April)

This order of courses is for students beginning in SEPTEMBER 2015 OR LATER.

Term 1 (September – December)

  • ADMN 504 (1.5 units) Government and Governance
  • ADMN 507 (1.5 units) Leadership and Ethics in the Public Sector

Term 2 (January - April)

  • ADMN 502a (1.5 units) Surveying, Appraising and Commissioning Information
  • Choice of one elective (1.5 units)

Academic year two (May-April)

This order of courses is for students beginning in SEPTEMBER 2015 OR LATER.

Term 3 (May – August)

  • ADMN 509 (1.5 units) Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
  • ADMN 550 (1.5 units) Strategic Communication and Engagement

Term 4 (September – December)

  • ADMN 512 (1.5 units) Public Financial Management and Accountability
  • ADMN 531 (1.5 units) Performance and Strategic Human Resource Management

Term 5 (January – April)

  • ADMN 556 (1.5 units) The Public Policy Process
  • Choice of one elective (1.5 units)

Final academic terms

Term 6 and onwards

Completion of Master's Project. You will choose between:

  • ADMN 598 (4.5 units) Master's Project


  • ADMN 599 (6.0 units) Master's Thesis

Most students require more than one term to complete their 598 or 599 Master's Project; online students tend to take three terms to complete their Master's Project.

Consult the MPA Online application requirements.

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