Program information

UVic School of Nursing feature: Stephanie McMahon

We are pleased to welcome you as you complete the final terms of your program! 

Our goal is for you to become a nurse who thinks and acts critically to ensure high quality, safe care for your patients. Review the interests and backgrounds of our faculty - you may find someone who has professional interests that you share. Feel free to contact them and begin discussions to plan your nursing career!

There are several resources to assist you as you progress through your program.

Join the Nursing Student Society to maximize your student nursing experience on campus. The NSS is committed to engaging nursing students in grad planning, fun events, fundraisers, and leadership opportunities.

Please pay close attention to the instructions for completing each form. BCCNM will return forms to you that are incomplete or inaccurate and this may delay the processing of your application. To prevent delays in the application process, please submit the BC Graduate Application in its entirety.

Please note:

  1. The UVic BSN program completion date will be April 15. For those students unable to complete all BSN program requirements by this date the next program completion date is April 30. For UVic students at Aurora College, the program completion date will be June 15th.
  2. The UVic School of Nursing will fax confirmation of program completion to BCCNM on the morning of April 15, April 30 and June 15. If either of these dates fall on a weekend, then we'll fax the verification of program completion on the morning of the preceding Friday.
  3. For help completing the exam application and other forms please check the BCCNM website or directly.

The UVic School of Nursing is not responsible for ensuring that completed applications are returned to BCCNM in a timely manner.