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Connect the Dots with the School of Child and Youth Care. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff enjoy pizza, conversations and door prizes. Thanks to the CYC student society for this great event!

School of Child and Youth Care (SCYC) student council

The student council is involved in student orientation, fundraising, graduation and several other school-related activities and events. If you think you might be interested in helping to organize a student council or assist with events, there's a student council mailbox in the school hallway. You'll also find a link to student council on the SCYC student community site.

Get involved in committees and events

Becoming involved in school events and committees can help you meet both social and academic/professional needs. By linking up with other students and faculty, you'll be establishing important relationships that will provide you with a support network.

Online student community

Stay connected with the SCYC student online community. All SCYC students are automatically added to the site at the beginning of term and removed before the next academic year.

If you’re a current student, join us in our online SCYC community to share ideas, keep up with community activities and build connections beyond the classroom.

Access the site through your online environment. You’ll see it listed with your courses. Visit often and participate in a dialogue of information and sharing communication. Employment opportunities are also listed.

Get involved in your community

"What is the benefit to me?" is the question most often asked by child and youth care professionals when asked if they belong to a professional association. It's a valid question.

The answer is: There are professional and personal benefits. The Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia (CYCABC) supports you and you support quality work on behalf of the profession and the field.

Visit the CYCABC site for more information.

We are committed to furthering child and youth care partnerships in education, research and improved practice throughout British Columbia and beyond.

Examples of our current partnerships and affiliations include:


Other professional connections: