Practicum in the MA program

CYC Graduate Practicum

The MA program contains one mandatory 1.5 unit, 165-hour practicum course (CYC 553). If practice-based learning is of particular interest, it is also possible to take CYC 553 as a 3-unit course (330 hours). The additional 1.5 units will be counted as equivalent to one of the required elective courses. Those students who have not completed a practicum as part of their undergraduate degree will also be required to enrol in the 3-unit course.

Further to this, you may also choose to take a second practicum with additional advanced learning goals (CYC 563 Specialized Practicum, 165 hours) as an elective.

The optimal time to take the required practicum is in the fourth term of the program, but arrangements can be made to begin as early as the third term. Completion of 10.5 units of 500-level CYC courses is a prerequisite of the practicum course.

Normally, practicum takes place after completion of the core courses and any non-practicum electives.