Reaching for Stellar Serviceā„¢

Course duration: 4 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Clare Malcolmson
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors
Program: Effective Workplace Relations Certificate (EWR), Stepping Up To Supervision Certificate (SU2S)
Course description

What is stellar service? You deliver stellar service whenever you exceed customer's expectations; do something that makes a customer feel special and create a positive experience for a customer. Stellar service builds a relationship between your customers and the organization.

The purpose of this module is to explore the value of stellar service and your role in achieving it.

This course will allow participants to discover the following topics:

  • What stellar service means
  • Benefits of customer service
  • Defining moments
  • 3 dimensions of service
  • STAR qualities
  • Action planning

 Competencies: Core - Building Equitable Relationships, Commitment to Quality, Service Focus, University Community