Addressing Emotions At Work ™

Course duration: 4 hours
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors
Program: Effective Workplace Relations Certificate (EWR), Stepping Up To Supervision Certificate (SU2S)
Course description

This session will offer participants the chance to explore and apply key actions for addressing emotions at work. The skills and techniques they learn not only help them see how to effectively deal with their own emotions, they also examine how they can take positive action with the emotions of others.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • identify the impact of emotions on their own productivity;
  • be more aware of factors that cause their emotions to intensify so that they can manage them more effectively;
  • choose and apply techniques to address their own strong emotions, so they can focus on getting work done;
  • know when it is useful and appropriate to take positive action to help others manage their emotions; and,
  • respond to the strong emotions of others in a constructive and objective way.

Competencies: Core-University Community, Building Equitable Relationships, Personal Effectiveness