Developing Strategies for Early Intervention in Harassment and Discrimination Cases (Formally called Mediating Efficiently Human Rights Complaints from a Supervisor and Manager Perspective)

Course duration: 7 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Moussa Magassa
Audience: Managers
Program: Managing For Results (M4R) Certificate
Course description

As a Supervisor, what would you like to know about human rights that you will help you prevent and respond effectively to human rights complaints in your area?  


  • To develop a clear understanding of the various sources of human rights complaints in the workplace
  • To explore personal styles in dealing with human rights complaints
  • To develop strategies in successfully resolving human rights complaints in your unit
  • To discuss ways forward to prevent and manage human rights issues that can arise in the workplace between employees

Cindy Player, UVic Director Human Rights 
Moussa Magassa, UVic Human Rights Educator

Participants Homework upon Registration
Participants to list some of the human rights issues that they often come across or they think are most likely to arise in their areas of work and would like to get training in resolving and preventing them. 

Core - Personal Effectiveness, Commitment to Quality
Leadership - Investing in our People, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making