How to ensure Accommodation and Return to Work - Works Well

Course duration: 2 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Tine Lathouwers
Audience: Supervisors, Managers
Program: Manager's "how to" series,
Course description

One of the roles of supervisors, managers and directors is assisting staff who become ill, sustain an injury or have permanent medical limitations impacting them in the workplace.   Managing sick leave, return to work planning and /or developing a medical accommodation may be required when balancing the medical requirements of a staff member while meeting operational requirements of a department.

The goal of this interactive and scenario based presentation, is to provide a better understanding of roles, responsibilities, assistance provided by the University and to learn more about this sometimes complex topic.

Points to be covered include:

  • What medical information is obtained by the University for sick leave, return to work and medical accommodations
  • What are the key resources for both the department and the individual
  • Who is involved and what are their roles and responsibilities
  • What is a safe and sustainable return to work  and how can it benefit both the individual and the department
  • What can you delegate to make your job easier
  • How to start the conversations when you observe changes in functional ability
  • How privacy and confidentiality work in sick leave, return to work and accommodation