Internet initiatives: Web Strategies and Social Media

Course duration: 2 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Robin Sutherland
Audience: Supervisors, Managers
Program: Manager's "how to" series,
Course description

Over the past twenty years we have come to rely on the Web to deliver information, provide service, make purchases, and create social spaces. But creating a compelling web presence can be time consuming, resource intensive, and difficult to evaluate. Further amplifying your web presence with social media seems like a popular and fun option, but what does it take to be successful? During this two hour session we’ll look first at the resources available on campus to build a solid website and what you can do to make the development or redesign process as successful and painless as possible; and second at what social media options, best practices, policy and privacy implications, and risk management strategies will work for you. Come with questions, and we’ll discuss what internet strategies and resources you can take advantage of right away.