Write to be Understood

Course duration: 7 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Fiona Prince
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors, Supervisors, Managers, Leaders
Course description

A short time ago, many of us were able to make it through our workday without having to write more than a few instructional memos or notes to coworkers. Now, a day without having to initiate or respond to written communications is almost like a vacation.

This increased need for writing, both in and out of the workplace, requires people to improve their writing skills in order to be heard and understood. Strong writing skills lead to smoother communications and less misunderstandings.

This interactive workshop is designed to teach you the plain language principles that will help you make your written communications easy to read and understand. Through demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain confidence in your writing and learn which grammar gremlins (including punctuation) make the difference between clarity and confusion.


  • Reading on-screen vs print

  • What readers need from you

  • Know your audience

  • Identify your purpose

  • Structure your content

  • Get to the point

  • Test your message

  • Active vs Passive voice

  • Jargon and technical language

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the benefits of plain language writing

    • Become familiar with and practice the key principles of plain language writing

    • Identify key grammar and punctuation errors in your writing, and correct them

    • Have greater clarity and impact—guaranteed!