BCom Year 3 and Year 4

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As a current BCom student, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with our Year 1 and Year 2 requirements, to stay on track with progressing to Year 3 core.

BCom Program Manual

The BCom Program Manual on Brightspace is your one-stop shop for information relating to:

Year 3 curriculum

In Year 3 BCom core you will take a set of foundation business courses. There are no electives in Year 3.

Fall courses:

Spring courses:


Most students complete a co-op work term in the summer between Year 3 and Year 4, and again in the spring of Year 4. You will know your individualized program sequence in the spring of Year 3.

Year 4 curriculum 

All BCom students must complete the following courses to graduate:

Mandatory courses:


Specialization courses are grouped in modules, and each module must be completed within one academic term. Learn more about our BCom specializations: Entrepreneurship, International Business and Service Management.

Upper-level commerce electives 

Fall electives:

Spring electives:

Summer electives:

COM 405 Career Preparation Across Borders 

COM 405 is a Career Preparation course that is designed to support the development of lifelong learners through self-reflection and personal experience to create sustainable value. Complementing each student’s career goals, this course is based upon the adult learning model self-directed learning – where the student is the principle decision maker in the learning process.

COM 405 is a self-directed and required course, typically yearlong, that is designed to be entirely online. Students identify areas of personal growth and development they’d like to improve on for success after graduation, and work with the course instructors to create a personal professional development plan to be completed before they finish their 4th year courses.

Students can select any activity that they identify has having value for their career development to complete the course requirements. Students must rationalize how a chosen activity will assist them after graduation, and assign a value to the activity based on the course learning objectives. Students are required to complete 5 required professional development activities to successfully complete the course.


To successfully complete the course, students must complete:

  1. A minimum of 5 required professional development activities (by the course deadline)
  2. A minimum of three 1 on 1 Instructor Meetings
  3. Three (3) pre-meeting assignments (submitted at least 24hrs before meeting)
  4. A Personal Branding Capstone Training Module and Project (June)
  5. Participation in the Beyond Your BCom Conference (May) 

Details for each component of the course is available on the Brightspace for student participants.

In the interest of mutual respect and professionalism, we also ask that students abide by the Gustavson Standards of Professional Behaviour throughout the course.

Find out more

Current BCom students can find out more about the course in the BCom Program Manual in Brightspace and the UVic Academic Calendar. There will also be an information session in COM 205 at the end of 3rd year.

For questions, concerns or remarks please contact .

What have students done in COM 405?

Check out the sites below to see what it takes to be a COM 405 rockstar! 

Beyond your BCom

More details about the mandatory Beyond Your BCom event will be provided once they are available. Current students can find information through the COM 405 Brightspace site.

Review of Academic Performance

Students who have failed a work term required in the mandatory Business Co-op program, or have a GPA below 3.0/9.0 in any academic session, will be ranked as unsatisfactory and may be required to withdraw for at least one calendar year. Gustavson is under no obligation to re-admit students who have been required to withdraw, regardless of the cut-off GPA in the year in which they re-apply.

Students must complete all BCom program third-year core plus COM 205 or have permission of program director to enrol in fourth-year elective or specialization courses.