Connections Hub 1.0

Mentorship for all walks of life
Yuri Perez connects with his mentor, Nav Bassi, who chats with his mentor, Nelson Lah.

The purpose of the Connections Hub is to connect students with community partners to support student learning. 

At the Gustavson School of Business, we rely on the involvement of our community partners to enrich the educational experience of students. Community partners provide real-world perspectives, rich learning opportunities and rewarding networking experiences.

We are looking to engage a broad cross-section of our community. This could mean young professionals who are at the start of their careers to seasoned professionals with extensive leadership experience. It could be from private businesses small and large as well as public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Gustavson Connections offers a range of opportunities for our community partners to take part in the educational mission of the school. We’ve developed four streams for you to consider. You can participate in all streams or those activities that make sense for you. 

Mentorship Program

Share your professional experience and insights with our students as they navigate towards their career and life beyond graduation:

Learn more about our mentorship program. 


Meet with students one-on-one or at events that are part of the social life of the school. Here are ways you can get involved:

Classroom Connected Learning

Contribute to learning that connects to students’ coursework. Here are ways you can get involved:

Workplace Learning

Support our students and graduates to learn in the workplace. Here are ways you can get involved:

Get involved

 Are you a Community Partner looking to get involved? Contact:

 Are you a current student? Check your program manual for details on how to get involved.