Community engagement

Past UVic Chancellor Murray Farmer and Linda Farmer, with David Ritchie.
Past UVic Chancellor Murray Farmer and Linda Farmer, with David Ritchie.

Community Engagement

The Gustavson School of Business welcomes involvement from business leaders and members of the business community. We have two active advisory boards and many individuals support our students by serving on these boards, or as a mentor or an executive-in-residence. We also welcome you as a guest speaker to share your business experience with students.

In addition, we invite you to become a client. Our MBA and MGB students benefit from the hands-on experience they gain by serving as consultants on a project or providing business analysis.

A highly prized aspect of the Gustavson student experience is their access to executive mentors. Find out how to share your experience with a student through our mentorship program.

Jim Dodds, General Manager of Vancouver Island Brewery shares his experience working with our MBA students.

Share your ideas, insights and expertise with students, faculty, staff and alumni. Engage in lively discussions and have your views challenged by inquiring minds.

Every year, local, national and international professionals bring current management issues, problems and ideas to share with the university community. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community supporters enjoy the insights from business, government, academia, non-profit and association representatives. Speakers present leading edge topics, business and industry overviews, as well as participate in panel discussions.

Please contact Executive Director, External Relations, Joanna Tong if you'd like to volunteer your services as a guest speaker.

Our MBA students also support the business community through consulting projects.

MBA students will undertake a business case analysis for you. An applied project is a short, intensive assignment that requires our MBA students to apply the concepts that they have learned in the classroom to your business situation. Your organization presents your case to our students, and our student team analyzes the issue, recommends actions to address the issue and provides you with a written and oral report. These exercises can take place locally or internationally.

For more information contact our .

A 596 project is a major consulting project that are part of the degree requirements of our MBA programs. These projects offer senior students the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during their academic studies to an real-world environment. A typical three-student team would devote 600 hours researching, analyzing and reporting on a specific business issue. Project work is supervised by a faculty member, and a work plan is agreed to in advance.

For more information contact Ian Robertson.