Dr. Monika Winn

Dr. Monika Winn
Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation

MA, MBA, PhD (U of California)


Monika Winn is a professor of business strategy and sustainability at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, Francis G. Winspear Scholar, and director of the Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation.

Her research focuses on organizational change as it relates to the challenges of sustainability in business. In her courses, she addresses the new imperative to manage sustainably and teaches students to identify opportunities for business innovation from a platform of strategic sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

"Sustainable business creates value at the junction of financial, social and natural capital," she says. "My role as a teacher is to show students how the theory comes to life in real boardrooms and factories so they can wield the tools, or invent new ones, to build their own futures."

In this video, Dr. Monika Winn explains the ways in which business can be made more sustainable, and explains that the public demand for large companies to have environmental transparency leads CEO's and businesses to become more sustainable. View all Faces of UVic Research videos.

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