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Jade stands on a bridge in the forest smiling at the camera
Jade’s UVic experience has been enriched by hands-on learning opportunities.

Jade, who is graduating in 2023, had the opportunity to participate in many experiential learning opportunities throughout their time at UVic. From a land-based learning course through the Indigenous Studies program to an intensive Environmental Studies field course, these experiences empowered Jade to forge new relationships, learn through a different lens, and understand their own agency to create change in the world.

“Students have so much agency. We can do so much. This is one of the most important things I took away from all my experiential courses. Every teacher had their own way of making space for students to instigate their own learning, to realize their own potential and to actually put their hands and their body and their hearts into something. I also really value the relationships I’ve been able to build throughout these courses – with other students, but also within the community. I’ve learned so many skills, in a very real and practical way.” – Jade Chicorelli