Pathways to Education

No two journeys are alike, but the UVic Pathways to Education Fund supports students wherever they are on their path and brings them closer to achieving their dreams and goals.

A gift to the UVic Pathways to Education Fund provides direct financial support for students through scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Read the stories below to see how support from donors helped these UVic students in their educational journey.


Kyla's pathway

Woman in camp and gown on grounds of UVic campus
Kyla at convocation in June 2023

Kyla was raised in government care and lived in many different homes. She'd wanted to attend UVic ever since she was a young child. In 2023 she graduated with a degree in child and youth care and received the Faculty of Human and Social Development Outstanding Academic Distinction Award. Donor-funded awards have played a large role in her university pathway. 

Kyla’s experience at UVic solidified her desire to create positive change for children who, like her, have grown up in care and experienced significant hardships. She wants to be an example for youth who do not have the means to pursue their dreams.

Without access to bursaries and awards, I wouldn’t have an education. When I found out about the award I received and how much it would cover, I cried. I was so grateful and that gratitude will follow me for the rest of my life.

This support has given me the ability to provide my kids with a stable home and a mother that is university-educated. My son talks about going to university. When you give to support students, you’re creating a snowball effect. You are not just supporting one person, you could be supporting thousands of people in the future.”  - Kyla, child and youth care student

Nimrod's pathway

Man in red survival suit holding column on ice in front of coast guard vessel
Nimrod on a research trip in the Arctic

Nimrod started out at UVic studying forest biology but multiple research trips in the field (made possible by donors) helped solidify his love of oceanography. 

Award donors have made such an incredible impact on my education. The support of scholarships throughout my degree have made it possible for me to go on five research cruises, some in the Arctic, and contribute to meaningful ocean studies, for example using the principles of chemistry to investigate how the ocean is responding to climate change.

It’s also more than just financial support. Receiving donor-funded awards has made me feel recognized and seen for all my hard work. It is my hope that one day I will be in a position I can give back to young passionate students.” - Nimrod, chemistry and ocean sciences student

Sierra's pathway

Woman in Vikes jersey dribbling a basketball
Sierra playing for the Vikes. Credit: AP Shutter

Growing up in Victoria, Sierra came to all of the UVic basketball games and dreamt of playing for the Vikes. When she transferred from a college to UVic in her third year and joined the women’s basketball team, it felt like a full circle moment for her.

I’ve always had a part-time job while also handling my team commitments. The scholarships I’ve received allowed me to reduce my hours, which gives me more time to study, more time to practice, and more time to direct my focus.

I’ve had so many amazing opportunities at UVic, from travelling across the country to play basketball, to working at different physiotherapy clinics through my kinesiology program. Your generosity has been a great financial relief." - Sierra, Kinesiology student and member of the women’s basketball team

Tarek's pathway

Man in suit smiling straight at camera
Tarek at his high school graduation

Tarek left Syria to attend high school in Canada. At first his former school provided a scholarship for Tarek to attend UVic, but that funding ended unexpectedly after one year. Tarek was at risk of losing everything he’d accomplished and having to return to Syria, but support from donors helped him stay enrolled at UVic.

Education has not only expanded my knowledge, but also offered me safety and protection from horrific circumstances. No matter what challenges I face, what keeps me motivated is my end goal to get my parents in a safe and stable place. The funding from UVic has significantly helped me continue to pursue my dream of living a better life. Thank you." - Tarek, computer science student

Shirina's pathway

Woman smiling standing in meadow

Shirina is a Woodland Cree woman (nêhiyaw iskwêw) and a Sixties Scoop survivor. The funds she received reduced many financial stressors that could have interrupted her education pathway.

I am strongly passionate about pursuing self-determination and governance for Indigenous communities. Understanding our traditional laws and ways of knowing will help us achieve reconciliation. I am more than honoured, and extremely thankful to have this opportunity. Têniki (thank you)." - Shirina, student in the joint degree program in Canadian common law and Indigenous legal orders