A sincere thank you

Scholarship recipients often write letters of thanks to the donor(s) who made their award possible. A recent letter captured perfectly the feeling of gratitude we have for donor support. Here's an excerpt from that letter:

And so you see, this scholarship validated within me the idea that doing well in school is within my scope, that experiencing my life more fully is within my reach, and that listening to the awakening passions within rewards me far more than I could have ever imagined.

I also know that I could never do this alone. With your help, I’ll be able to explore my passions. I cannot yet report to what end I follow these passions… However, I do know that if I follow that which I love, the opportunities will make themselves apparent. I believe this is one of them.

In 2010 I sat in crippling, immobilizing despair. Now I sit here with a far different problem. I find it difficult to fully express my gratitude to you. Words do not paint emotional pictures well. However, I will attempt to do so in the best way I know how. That is to simply say, “Thank you."