Science fan sweetens the deal for Honours Fest winners

April 20, 201

Dr. Fritz Boehm showed just how passionate he is about science by contributing another $25,000 to the Boehm Family Award for Excellence in Science, bringing the total he's invested in the fund to $100,000. Inspired by the enthusiasm and perseverance of students participating in the Faculty of Science annual Honours Fest, Dr. Boehm created this award to play a part in the recognition of their success. Winners of Honours Fest receive a $2,000 prize from the fund.

Dr. Boehm maintained an interest in science his whole life, but pursued a career in mining. Now retired, Dr. Boehm got to 'dive in' more fully by listening to Honours Fest presentations. He hopes this award will "encourage young students to continue to explore, to think freely and to help make our world sustainable for a long time to come." See Dr. Fritz with Honours Fest winner Karlee Bamford in Science Matters.