50th anniversary awards

Sabrina says she was honoured to be the first recipient of the 50th Anniversary entrance scholarship in Education.

Collective power of giving

The University of Victoria celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2013. The anniversary was about more than looking back and celebrating history, it was an opportunity for alumni to give back and support future students.

That year, donors gave more to student awards than ever before—in gifts of all sizes—to create nine entrance scholarships. Part way through the year, an anonymous donor made a pledge to match funds raised for three faculty awards. This remarkable act of generosity inspired further support, and by the end of the campaign four awards were endowed, meaning they will forever be available to social science, science, humanities and Vikes students. The other awards have been given out for the past four years and the impact on the individuals who received the awards will last far into the future.

In total, $46,511 was awarded to 47 different students because of your generosity. 

So how do some of the recent recipients feel about getting these awards?

Thank you for establishing this award. I know it has affected my life and many others in such a positive way. Receiving this has helped to relieve some of the financial burdens of going to university. It also gives recognition to the effort I’ve put into my years of schooling." - Talia Corlazzoli, Science
“I chose UVic because of its amazing education program. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember and UVic seemed like the perfect place to achieve that goal. When I get my degree, I hope to teach in an elementary school in my home town, Victoria. I cannot wait to start giving back to the community by being an elementary school teacher. Thank you so much again for your generosity. This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of becoming a teacher.” Julia Falzon, Elementary Education
After graduation, I aspire to make my own contributions during my career in assisting the efforts others have already made in improving healthcare systems. It is with great gratitude and an honour for me to be the selected recipient of this scholarship.” - Mignon Tsai, Science and Human and Social Development.
Words cannot express my excitement and warmth I have felt having been awarded this scholarship and can guarantee not a single penny shall go in vain.” - Max Shaw, Engineering.
The day I received this award, I had just gotten news that another one I applied for was denied, so receiving this one really brightened up my day! I am truly very thankful for your generosity, and I will not let it go to waste. Thank you very much!"- Chris Marshall, Science
I was elated when I saw I had been chosen for this scholarship, for it will reduce the financial stresses of being a university student both for my family and me. This scholarship goes a long way in helping me in my academic endeavours and I am very grateful for it." - John-Henry Morten, Humanities
I would like to thank you for the entrance scholarship you have gifted me. It is an honour to receive such recognition. With this award, I will be able to continue to push myself and pursue my dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful woman of the 21st century.” - Alexandra Cyr, Humanities
I am very appreciative of this award because whether or not I would even be attending UVic depended on it. Initially, I was not seriously considering UVic as an option until I visited during basketball finals. I fell in love with the atmosphere there. Once again thank you for choosing me for the 50th Anniversary Vikes Entrance Scholarship.” - Ellen Ougrinov, Women's basketball
Your donation helps ease the financial stress of university for me, and allows me to focus fully on my studies. In addition, it was an amazing feeling to find out that my hard work in high school had been recognized.  When I graduate, I can’t wait to contribute to the renowned Canadian healthcare system, and to help the people who use it.” - Becca Thomson, Human and Social Development
I felt very honoured when I found out I was a recipient of this award. I take my soccer very seriously and I feel very privileged to be able to play for the Vikes womens soccer team. This award will help me immensely with the fees and costs associated with being a student athlete.” Brea Christie, Women's soccer

You can still contribute to the following awards (increasing the amount available for disbursement each year):

  • 50th Anniversary Science Entrance Scholarship
  • 50th Anniversary Vikes Entrance Scholarship
  • 50th Anniversary Humanities Entrance Scholarship
  • 50th Anniversary Social Sciences Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship 

The other 50th Anniversary awards will be officially closed this year, as all funds have been awarded to students. However, alumni and friends continue to donate to entrance scholarships in many areas. By donating to any of the funds below, you will support students today, and help the funds towards becoming endowed to help students in the future.

  • Faculty of Fine Arts Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Faculty of Human and Social Development Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Faculty of Law Diversity Entrance Scholarship
  • Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Gustavson School of Business Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

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See what some of the inaugural recipients of the 50th awards had to say about getting the scholarships.