Edward Mothersill Scholarship


Edward was at heart a philosopher before becoming familiar with the academic study of the subject. He was essentially moral; he cared for truth, even though, being a normal human, he often strayed from the path of truth. He loved people, he felt for people; he felt their pain and joy.

Tragically, after a short life of emotional turmoil and mis-steps, he died in a car accident at a time of life when he was about to embark on a path he hoped would bring him fulfillment. Edward loved argument/debate. Studying philosophy gave him the basis in logic and the knowledge to be able to argue with an informed mind. This ability is a skill which we think he would desire in everyone. Lack of communication and dialogue so often leads to small arguments, civil unrest - ultimately to war.

With this scholarship we hope that a young person with similar values will be given a chance to put those values to the public good.

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