Eileen Lilian Cowling Memorial Bursary

This bursary was established in memory of Eileen Lillian Cowling by her husband, Richard Cowling.  Eileen Lillian Beatrice Anne Cowling (nee Cooper) was born June 29, 1936 in London, Ontario where her father, Reginald Cooper, was the City Clerk.  Eileen was a graduate of Catholic Central High School in London and the St. Joseph's Nursing Class of 1957, also in London.  She practiced nursing in London, Ontario, Victoria, British Columbia and Soest, West Germany.  Richard Cowling served in the Canadian Military and they travelled extensively.  They took great pride in representing Canada wherever they were asked to serve.  Eileen died quite suddenly of cancer in June, 2003. Her last social outing was to attend her nursing reunion just 5 days before she died.  Eileen is survived by her husband, her daughter Pamela Webb, her sons Peter and Dennis, her brother Ron, their families and many friends and relatives throughout Canada and the world.

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