Athenic Entrepreneurship Award

The Athenic Award is named after Ellen’s two children, Athena and Nick, who are both graduates of the University of Victoria and are active business people. Entrepreneurship is extremely important to their family, and they are excited to be able to support and further the dreams of passionate students in this area.

Ellen owned and operated several businesses throughout her career, including a ceramics store, a clothing manufacturer, an accounting firm, a boutique hotel and even a horse breeding venture. Ellen always loved coming up with an idea, marketing it, generating sales, creating employment for wonderful people and, when possible, selling the business and moving on to the next idea. This path in life takes incredible drive, passion, hard work and determination. Not every business has been a roaring success, but Ellen certainly learned important lessons with each attempt.

Accordingly, Ellen has created this award to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. She would like to see emerging entrepreneurs create their own legacies in business and better serve our local communities.

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