Edna and Jack Marshall Indigenous Fine Arts Scholarship

Linda and Mitch strongly believe in the empowerment that an education provides and in supporting Indigenous students in all fields of study.

Mitch spent eight years at UVic in the Department of Chemistry (1963 to 1971) earning two degrees: a BSc Honours, '67 (chemistry) and a PhD, '71 (organic chemistry). As a result he was able to have a very successful career with the Procter and Gamble Company in Research and Development. Linda, also an alumna, attended for a year and then was employed as an administrative assistant in the University Bookstore followed by the Department of Physics.

Linda and Mitch met at UVic and raised three children who are all university graduates, and have seven grandchildren. They have lived in Burlington, ON for many years.

Edna and Jack Marshall are Linda's parents. Her dad could play many musical instruments by ear; he was an amateur artist and a poet. Linda's mother had a flair for artistic design and gardening. Some of their children have careers in the Arts and all of their grandchildren have inherited their great grandparents' artistic and musical skills.

Edna and Jack were part of the Greatest Generation having been children and teenagers during the Great Depression and then as young adults helping to win the Second World War; in Jack's case with the British Royal Navy as a submariner and Edna with the Royal Canadian Naval Base in Esquimalt.

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