Boehm Family Award for Undergraduate Travel

Born in Koblenz, Rhineland, Germany, Fritz studied mining, geology and mineralogy at the Technical University in Clausthal Zellerfeld. Fritz received his diploma in 1965. He then continued as a researcher with the Mining Research Institute in Essen (STBV) and received his PhD in 1968. 

From 1969 to 1982 Fritz was employed by Krupp Industriebau. He served as Managing Director in Australia until 1972 and then relocated to Edmonton, Alberta. In Edmonton Fritz was charged with overseeing the company that was building the bucket wheel reclaimers for Syncrude, assisting with constructing the coal ship loader at the Vancouver GCT Terminal at Roberts Bank and the Krupp level luffing crane at the Victoria Shipyard in Esquimalt. After 1982 Fritz started several successful private companies in the field of upgrading technologies for coal and heavy oil (Pyrosol) and in the field of Super Critical Gas Extraction (SCGE) in Canada, and from 1991 to 2001 owned and managed a company working in the pipeline and glass fiber business. 

Besides his business involvements Fritz’s main interests have always been in research and development. One of his hobbies was to follow the new discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics and particle science.

Fritz is married to Dora, who is the co-sponsor of this endowment. She was born in Sachsen Anhalt, Germany. She studied Education in Goettingen and majored in Music and Sport.

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