Boehm Family Award for Excellence in Science

Science Is without question the basis for most of the achievements we humans have made over the few millenniums of our existence. Being it for conscious or unconscious experiments which let to the making of fire or the detection of the first metals and the early processes to make iron, copper, bronzes ect, science was the basis for these discoveries.

And today science is, maybe, even more important for a world which is overpopulated, gets into more and more need for solutions to feed its people, provide clean water, energy and the avoidance of huge environmental problems which clearly lay ahead for the present and future generations.

Science needs all the characteristics, which we humans developed over the last 10000 years: Analytical thinking, patience, the desire to explore unknown territories, be it in nature, chemistry, mathematics, physics and all the faculties which make out our societies today.

I was interested in science most of my adult life, even though my profession allowed me only to'sniff' a bit at the edges of it. My interests today are in the field of physics, astronomy and particle science. Unfortunately my base knowledge is too old and I have to admit, that I have to read most articles twice to even understand a little bit of what is happening in these fields. But it is fun to follow the new discoveries.

I was somewhat lucky and had a great professional life as an engineer (mining, oil and gas) and Canada gave me opportunities which I am very thankful for. Since many years I am a supporting member of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. This is one of the most important scientific institutions in Europe.

So, this award should encourage young students to continue to explore, to think freely and to help make our world sustainable for a long time to come.

My family congratulates all students, which will receive our award in the coming years. Maybe we read one day, that a Nobel Price winner was the recipient of our award in his time as student in Victoria. Who knows? So go for it: Be inspired! Be inquisitive! Be courages! Think! Explore! Experiment! Then, hopefully, the last item you often also need for success will come:
A quantum of Luck!

Spring 2014
Dr. Fritz G. Boehm

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