Basil Boulton Scholarship

Dr. Basil Boulton received his medical degree from the University of BC and established a pediatric consulting practice in Victoria in 1969 until he retired from active practice in 2004. He continued his work to improve the health care of children until his untimely and accidental death at the age of 69 in January 2008.

In 1977, supported by medical colleagues and the public, Basil led a campaign to improve pediatric and maternity services, which were split between two major hospitals in Victoria. The result was a single, well-equipped and staffed, integrated unit at the Victoria General Hospital. This endeavour was broadened to include all community child health services with the release of the influential 1980 report on child health care in the Capital Region, which he co-authored with the former deputy health minister James Mainguy.

Basil served on the board of the Greater Victoria Hospital Society and the BC Medical Association, and on various Victoria and provincial committees and organizations. He sat on the BC Medical Association Council of Health Promotion and the Child and Youth Health Committee. He was also elected councilor for the Township of Esquimalt.

In addition to his service at home, Basil volunteered internationally. As a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, he worked with Cuban Ministry of Health and Cuban doctors to improve the health and welfare of children in the country.

Basil was very dedicated to his family. His wife Marilyn of 46 years was instrumental in establishing this scholarship. Dr. Boulton is survived by 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

At the time of his death, Dr. Boulton was developing a bill of rights for children’s health and a pilot program in the schools combining a mental health team, medical team and educators to better support children.

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