General Counsel

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Privacy and access to information

The Privacy and Access to Information Office is a resource for the university community and the public on privacy and access to information at the university.

Privacy and access to information
Home Loan Program

Home Loan Program

The university’s home loan support program assists eligible members with the purchase of their first owner-occupied residence in Lower Vancouver Island by providing a fifteen-year interest-free loan of $50,000.

Home Loan Program

About the General Counsel's Office

The General Counsel’s Office is responsible for:

  • Providing on-site legal and strategic advice to all levels of the University administration;
  • Working with the administration on the development of policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and manage risk;
  • Providing broad oversight on all matters related to the legal and regulatory requirements under which the university operates;
  • Conduct over and accountable for all legal matters arising at the university;
  • Protecting the university’s legal corporate interests;
  • UVic’s compliance with British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Providing leadership in the development and implementation of the university’s Protection of Privacy and Access to Information programs, which includes developing related policies and procedures and training on protection of privacy and access to information;
  • Immigration advice for faculty, visiting professors, scholars, post-doctoral fellows and researchers;
  • Management of the university’s Home Loan Support Program;
  • Administration of practicum agreements; and
  • Coordination of the university’s response to document requests for student and employee records.