People touring the gardens during the McTaggart Cowan event

Tours update: Guided tours are not available at this time. We welcome visitors to follow the self-guided walking tour. 

 Finnerty Gardens is a favourite destination for our neighbours, for residents of the Capital Region, for visitors from far afield as well as for our campus community. We encourage you to explore the gardens year round—there is always something interesting to experience. Our horticultural collections are endlessly fascinating as the seasons change and offer inspiration whether you are a gardener, a botainist or are seeking a lovely place to walk, visit and contemplate nature. Bird watchers will have much to observe.

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walking tour of the gardens (PDF) can be downloaded.

Groups and gatherings

Groups are also welcome in the gardens, though we ask that you let us know if you are planning a gathering so that we can advise you if there are any conflicting public or maintenance activities underway. As well, we ask that you stay on the pathways and lawn areas, refrain from picking flowers or foliage and ensure that nothing is left behind when you depart.

As the gardens are open to the public they cannot be booked for special events. Should you be taking family pictures or sharing special moments in Finnerty Gardens, we ask that you respect other visitors' access and enjoyment.

Multifaith Centre

The university's Multifaith Centre is located beside the main entrance to Finnerty Gardens.