Program overview

Directing a feature film

Writing alumnus Connor Gaston (purple) directing on the set of his debut feature film, The Devout

Student film

Student filmmaker Ellery Lamm shows one of her short films at UVic's annual JCURA research fair

Film classroom

Our multi-pod classrooms are ideal for watching and discussing scenes from film

Editing suite

Faculty and students work closely in our CFI-funded Hi Def Story Incubator Lab


Screenwriting is an essential part of the filmmaking process

Interactive narrative

Writing for interactive narratives is becoming more popular as technology becomes more interactive

Student filmmaking

Students shooting the 2018 film class project

Why explore film studies?

Turn your love of movies into valuable critical and creative thinking skills. You'll have fun and learn new ways of seeing. Any bachelor's degree can be enhanced by studying film.

A minor or general in film studies will provide you with skills you can apply to jobs in multiple fields. Our courses will help you develop a broad range of skills, including:

  • critical analysis
  • creative research
  • communication
  • opinion-making
  • developing ideas into actions
  • writing for different audiences
  • working independently and collaboratively
  • self-discipline and self-direction
  • working resourcefully, flexibly and creatively.

About film studies

Film studies is a unique interdisciplinary program. It brings together a broad range of courses, including the study of:

  • national cinemas
  • film culture
  • film in history
  • film in relation to both visual art and literature
  • women and film
  • experimental film
  • popular film and television
  • writing in, and for, film

Our interdisciplinary minor in film studies is an ideal complement to a major concentration in either Humanities or Fine Arts.

Program structure

Jointly offered by the faculties of Humanities and Fine Arts, this general program can lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

You can also can get a minor in film studies by completing the requirements for the general program together with a major or honours program, or another degree program in another department or faculty.

Admission priority to film courses will go to those registered in film studies, or who are majoring in one of the departments offering courses in the program.

Course Calendar

For information about the specific course requirements of our program, please see the UVic Calendar for required courses for the Film Studies Program.

Get interactive

UVic's Faculty of Fine Arts is becoming known for teaching interactive media, where you can create 360° films, write plays for a virtual reality environment and learn how to craft choose-your-own-adventure style stories and games.

Recent courses in gaming history and culture, virtual reality studies and media production offer unique behind-the-screens perspectives. Take a look at this example of student-created VR 360° films.