Graduate research

Curious what topics our graduate students are exploring? The list below provides an overview into current and recent student research, but we also offer two other options:

Visual Impetus is an annual symposium organized and run by AHVS grad students, allowing them to present their research to fellow students, faculty, and Victoria's greater community.

ARTiculate is a peer-reviewed graduate student journal, which allows our students to share their research and work together with colleagues in their chosen area of study.


Activating the Space: Anarchism and the Design of the Abstract Gallery, Art of This Century.

Katayoun Youssefi Hamedani

Climate Change Documentaries as Political Activism: Bridging the Awareness Gap. 

Holly Cecil

Exhibiting a Sense of Place in Double Exposure: Edward S. Curtis and the Indigenous Landscape of the Northwest Coast.

Alexa Heenan

Picturing Modernism: Architecture, Lifestyle, and the “Embodied Image”.

Lindsay Kaisla


Virtually There: A Comparative Study of Digital Databases and Nineteenth-Century Travelogues Recording Ottoman Architecture in Greece.

Elsie Mountford

Ely Raman: Beyond the Fulcrum of Fluxus.

Abbey Hall
Experiencing 1963 Vancouver inLéonard Forest’s In Search of Innocence. Eleanor (Nellie) Lamb
Magnifying and Destabilizing “Primitive” Taxonomies: Materials, Images, and Methods ofFaith Ringgold’s Picasso’s Studio. Shanice Wolters

Imported Pekalongan Batik: Emblems of Cosmopolitanism in Imagined Communities of Straits Peranakan Women.

Su Yen Chong


Alma-Tadema: "Life, Movement, Reality": Death and its Discontents in the The Roses of Heliogabalus. Kristen Matulewicz
The Edge of the West: The Jineta Sword of Muhammad XII and Elite Identity Construction in Muslim Granada. Alicia Hagy
Feelings of Death: Emotions and Senses in the Late Medieval Macabre.  Bailey Arnholz
Longing for the Unseen: Connecting to a Balinese Imagined Community in Modern and Contemporary Art. Astara Light
Interwoven Identities: Portraiture and the Spaces of Cultural Encounter in Renaissance Venice. Jaiya Anka
A Synthesis of Creative Minds: Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Yoshio Taniguchi, and Trisha Donnelly's Artist's Choice Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Kristi Hoffman


Tragic to Triumphant: Rosalba Carriera’s Self-Portrait, ca. 1746. Christine Oldridge
Idle Talk: Portraiture, Visual Culture and Politics in Eighteenth Century England. Alexandra Macdonald
Women Contained: Portraits, Space, and Representation at the Villa Barbaro. Terry Rodgers
Muses, Worthies and Nobles Looming on Ceilings: The Decorated Ceilings of Crathes Castle as a Model of Social Order in post-Reformation Scotland. Eliane Pineault-Bourgault
“In Search of Some Alpine Nightmare”? John Singer Sargent’s Experience in the Canadian Rockies, 1916. Kathryn Roberts
Avtres dictz poor mectre en paincture outappisserie: Humanist Allegory of Love in a French Early Modern Tapestry. Francoise Keating
A Women’s Touch: Embodied Practices in Italian Renaissance Art (c: 1470’s-1538). Jennifer Costanzo
Kasbnama-yi Bafandegi (weaving kasbnama): Doctrine of Jawanmardi and Artisanal Culture in Safavid, Iran. Fahimeh Ghorbani


Assembling Oh Persepolis II: The Simultaneity of Tradition and Modernity in Parviz Tanavoli’s Monumental Bronze Sculpture. Jenelle Pasiechnik
Discourse of Destruction: A Case Study on the Narrative of Adoption, Adaption, and Icon-clastic Damage of the Vintage Frieze Motif from the Late Antique Synagogue at Chorazin. Allison Grey-Noble
A World in Itself: The Forging of Civic Identity in Early Modern Bologna Through Saint Petronius and his Miniature City. Natalie Massong
Knitting for Our Lives: The Appropriation of the Cowichan Sweaters by the Hudson’s Bay Company during the 2010 Vancouver Olypmics. Regan Shrumm
Space, Place, and Race: Richard Roskell Bayne and the Oak Grove School, Mussoorie. Randip Bakshi


Cuyasamin’s Christs: The Legacy of Quiteño Colonial Art in the Age of Wrath. Lorena Calahorano Espinosa
Identification of Residential Compounds in the Central Desert of Iran. Atri Hatef Naiemi
Encoded Objection: Robert Rauschenberg and the NASA Artists’ Cooperation Program. Alanah Elaine Garcin
Much Unseen in Also Here: Emily Carr’s Forest Scenes of the Mid-Late 1930s and the Influence of Walt Whitman’s Transcendentalism. Brinlyn O’Hare
Colonial Craft: Ornamental Images of Labour on the Thornhill & Mayne Memorial in Alla-habad, India. Zahra Stark
Ismaili Castles in their Environmental Context (Case Study: Alamut Region). Seyedhamed Yeganehfarzand


Ideologies of National/Cultural Identity in The Cube Trilogy. David Christopher
A Sustainable Place from Modern Waste: Adaptively Reusing Aalto’s Silo in Oulu, Finland. Elisa Cullingham
Welcome to the WSANEC Nation: TEMOSENTHUT’s Artworks in the Victoria International Airport as Markers of Territory. Bethany Dowell
Kate Craig’s Divergent Discourse in The Pink Poem (1977-1980): A Practice of Queered Dissent. Dorothy-June Fraser
The Visual Language of Globalization: Euro-American Classicism and Cultural Hybridity in South Korean Brand-name Apartment Complexes. Jeongwon Gim
The Production and Reception of Hybrid Expressions: A Study of the Trilingual Epigraphy at the Alcazar of Seville. Lindsey Schneidman
Making Space, Speak: Performing Violence in Gordon Matta-Clark’s Window Blowout. Erin Wallace


The Divine Words of the Emirati Pearl: A Study of the Epigraphic Program at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, in Abu Dhabi. Rakhi Bhatnagar
Virtuous Vampires: The Implications of Mormon Theology in the Twilight Series. Brooke Brassard
‘ENACE TA’ – Come and canoe race! West Saanich No 5: The Archive & Performance. Gareth Clayton
All the Kings’ Horses: Idealism in Equine Paintings of Mughal India. Andrea Kuipers


In the Halls of Power: Interrogating Responses to the British Columbia Legislature Mural Controversy. Jennifer Cador
Fangs, Fear Friendship: Looking at the Monsters in Let the Right One In (2008) & Let Me In (2010). April Felker
Breakout, Breakthrough, Breakaway: Jack Bush, Clement Greenberg, and the Tensions Between Toronto and New York City. Stephanie Korn
A Treasured Legacy: The Social and Cultural Histories of Mughal Gems. Honoure McIlwain-Collard
The Decorations of the Palazzo Datini: Moral Exempla and Social Performance in Late-Medieval Prato. Brian Pollick
Marius Barbeau as Curator: The Exhibition of Canadian West Coast Art, Native and Modern. Kathleen Prince
Interplay and Poster Paint: Robert Aller and Indigenous Children’s Art Production at the Alberni Indian Residential School. Catherine Scoones
Chitrakar Traditional. Chitrakar Modern: Continuity and Change in Contemporary Nepali Painting. Thomas Sluchinski
Of Visions and Reflections: Uses and Representations of Mirrors in Safavid Iran. Juliana Su
The Archive in Contemporary Art: A Case Study of Sophie Calle’s The Birthday Ceremony. Leah Taylor
We the Poets, Philosophers, Serigraphers: Locating the Northwest Coast Indian Artists Guild. India Young


Relocating Charles Baudelaire’s Flâneur: An Examination of Montmartre and Toulouse-Lautrec. Magdalyn Asimakis
Contested Sites: The Development of The Wall of Death (1993), a Public Sculpture by Mowry and Colin Baden in Seattle, Washington. Veronica Best
Cairene Ceramics in Context: Exploring Intercultural Connections and Local Consumption with Shards from the Barqiya Quarter of Cairo. Heather Crowley
Monuments to the Past, the Present, and the Future: The Artistic Legacy of Elza Mayhew. Melba Dalsin
Trading Luxury: Kilwa, Qal'at al-Bahrain, Qsar es-Seghir and the Trade in Chinese Ceramics, 13th-16th centuries. Bryn Dharmaratne
Collecting Biographies and Collections Histories in North America: The East Asian Art Collection at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Julia Lynn Kinglsey
Unveiling the Sun of Righteousness: An Exploration into the Spirituality of Katharine Emma Maltwood. Marnie Mandel
Hysterical Spaces: Curatorship and Meaning in the Traveling Exhibition, A Case Study of the National Gallery of Canada's 'Hysteria and the Body'. Kaitlyn Patience


Artistic Responses to Influence from East Asia by Selected Potters of Victoria and the Surrounding Area. Eric Anderson
Arthur Erickson: Space, Landscape, and Topography. Emily Dobby
Children in Post - Tridentine Family Portraits: Negotiating Social Demands and Cultural Constructs. Michelle Robinson
Sacred Nudity: Finding Meaning in Paolo Veronese's Repentant Magdalen. Nancy Schnarr
Love and Melancholy: Text-Image Relations in the Frontispiece to the Anatomy of Melancholy. Christine Woychesko


Social Performativity, Gift-Giving and Exchange in the Reign of Emperor Charles IV of Bohemia. Ivana Horacek
Relentless Symmetries: The Urban Portraiture of Dede Eri Supria. Li Lim


Re-evaluation of Art Works by Yoko Takashima between 1994-2002. Machiko Oya


Reading the Chora: Movement and Meaning. Dealla Fahlman
Gord Hill Illustrating Indigenous Anarchism. Carissa Looman
The Illusion of Secularism: Mani Ratman's Bombay and the Consolidation of Hindu Hegemony. Angie Malhi


A Review of 'Gaudy Art' in Contemporary Chinese Art. Ximeng Guo


Landscape and Visualization in the Art of Albrecht Altdorfer. Caitlin Lewis


The Early Iconography of St. Thomas Beckett. Elizabeth Loeffler
The Systematic Erasure of Women from the Architectural Profession: Denise Scott Brown - A Case Study. Debra Saul
After 2010, AHVS MA students were required to complete a Research Paper.









Suprising Survival: The Preservation of Dawson City's Architectual Heritage. Ron Burnham 2003
The Development of Guanyin's Gendered Identity in Song and Yuan Painting: A Complexity of Symbols. Justyna Krol 2003
Negotiations of Identity: The Life and Art of Gu Xiong. Mary Lucas 2003
Embedded Conflict in the Work of James Gordaneer, 1952 to 2002. Lucia Sanroman 2003
Ottoman Architecture in the Hungarian Province. Csenge Szabo 2003
Conserving the Cultural Landscape in the City of Victoria: Artist Live-In Sudios...Or Not? Louine Niwa 2003


The Politics of Transgression: Women Painters in Bali in the 1990s. Adrienne S. Truchi 2002


Rangda Revisted: Pluralizing Euramerican Stereotypes of Bali's Queen of Witches. Claire Fossey 2001
Mark Prent - Horror in Canadian Art. Kimberly Reinhardt 2001
Creating Feminist Subjectivities and Spectatorship in Brenda Pelkey's 'Dream of Life and Death'. Nancy Yakimoski 2001
Restoring the Biographical Portrait: The Case of Mary Beale (1633-1699). Kristin Campbell 2001
San Vincenzo Al Volturno and the Use of Ornamental Borders in Romanesque Wall Painting in Central Italy. Maria L. Marchiori 2001
The Development of the Coronation of the Virgin in Tecento Venice: Sources and Meaning. Angela Roberts 2001


Mary Delany: Artistic Ingenuity in Eighteenth-Century England. Ginger Warden 2000
Building Nizamuddin: A Delhi Sultante Dargah and Its Surrounding Buildings. Hussein Keshani 2000
Late Mamluk Architectural Patronage in Cairo: Qansuh Al-Ghouri (1501-1516). Nadania Idriss 2000
Writing Art HIstory Writing Blake Writing Art. Richelle Funk 2000
She's Filing Her Nails While They're Dragging the Lake: Representations of Women in Contemporary Film Noir. Julie Hewlett 2000
Monks, Immortals, Ladies and Literati: A Chinese Painted: Handscroll of Famous Literary Themes. Sumni Nishimura 2000
The Pagan Origins of Anglo-Saxon Monumental Stonework. Michael Reed 2000


Coast Salish Mountain Goat Horn Bracelets: Evidence of Change and Continuity in Coast Salish Art Production and Use During the Early Contact Period on the Northwest Coast of America. Robert Leece 1999
Public/private Construction: The Photographic Album of Nellie L. McClung. Lara Wilson 1999
Land of the Painted Totem: Northwest Coast Native Art at the Service of the 1958 British Columbia Centennial. Brenda Weatherson 1999
Virtuous Ladies and Melancholic "Genuses": A Study of Gender-Based Creativity in Italy During the Modern Period. Laurie Glenn 1999
Traditional Arts, Contemporary Artists: Study of Influence and Change in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Robyn Roper. 1999


Gender Representation in Tuscan Tombs of the Trencento & Quattrocento. Cassandra Getty 1998
The Park Hotel, Shanghai (1931-1934) and Its Architect, Laszlo Hudec (1893-1958): "Tallest Building in the Far East" as Metaphor for Pre-Communist Shanghai. Lenore Hiekamp 1998
The Crucifixion Window at Poitiers Form, Context and Symbolism. Nicole Kleinsmith 1998
A Portrait of the Artist in Society: Warhol Paints Warhol. Pati Tozer 1998


Marian Anti-Semitism in Medieval Life and Legend: A Study Based on Alfonso X's Cantigas De Santa Maria. Deidre Jackson 1997
Reflections of a Past Era: The Photographic Collection of Ernest Albert Crocker 1903-1946. Ellen Peel 1997
Mughal India and the Religious Image: The Influence of European Christian Prints on Mughal Miniatures, 1580-1627. Helen Delacretaz 1997


Antiquity Observed: The Jonathan Richardsons (Senior and Junior) on the Sculpture of Greece and Rome. M. Shailoo Bedi 1996


The Flower Beadwork People: Factors Contributing to the Emergence of Distinctive Metis Cultural Artistic Style at Red River From 1844-1869. Sharon Blady 1995
Curious Seen: Bacus of the Delmi Sultanate. Jennifer Lort 1995
The Winnipeg Show 1955-1970: Local and National Significance. Dianne Scoles 1995


True to God and King: Alabaster Heads of St. John in Late Medieval England. Janice A. Currier 1994
Installation as "Power Field": Historical Precedents and Contemporary Practice with Canadian Examples and a Case Study of the Art of Magor. Marla A. (Pierce) Strong Culjat 1994
Burning Issues in the Art of Nilima Sheikh. Donald Morrison 1994
The Great Mosque of Banda Aceh: Its History, Architecture and Its Relationship to the Development of Islam in Northern Sumatra. Wilhelmenia R. Raap 1994
The Art of North West Coast Basketry 1890-1910. Alison Ross 1994
The Intermedia Society (1967-1972) and the Early Vancouver Performance. Gail Tuttle 1994


The Pala D'Oro of San Marco in Venice in its Art Historical and Historical Contexts. Nancy Gail Broden 1993
The Development of the Iconography of the Vision of St. Eustace. Dorothy I. Doherty 1993
Wat Chaiwatthanaram and the Legitmating of King Prasat Thong of Ayutthaya. Beth L. Fouser 1993
Painting the Passing Race: Arthur Pitts (1889-1972) on the Northwest Coast. Kerry L. Mason 1993
Gender Relations and the Noli Me Tangere Scene in Renaissance Italy. Carmen L. Robertson 1993


Iconography of the Eucharist in Early Christian Art. Kathleen Lane 1992


Infernal Topography: The Evolution of Hell Imagery in the Middle Ages. Janis Johnston Elliott 1991
San Francisco Rock Posters, 1965-1971. Sally A. Tomilinson 1991


Qur'anic Epigraphy in the Delhi Sultanate: The 'Alai Darwaza'. Alexandra Bain 1990
Romanesque Figural Dado Imagery in Italy: three Case Studies. Jill Jazel Bain 1990
The Funerary Complex of Q YTB Y in the Eastern Cemetery: An Interpretation. May Farhat 1990
Ruins of Power: Picturesque Portraits of Sultanate Architecture. Sonia Lochner 1990
Olmec Jade: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Heather S. Orr 1990
The Work and Thought of Ozias Leduc in the Intellectual and Social Context of His Time. Barbara A. Winters 1990


Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Contributions to Framing and Spatial Conventions in Medieval Codex Design. Donna Marie Kelly 1989
"The Double-Line Fold Drapery Motif." Julia F. Whittaker, "The Linners: Art in Victoria 1920-1989." Dominic St.-J. Marner 1989


The Bengal School of Painting and the Nationalist-Revivalist Movement in Bengal. Baruna Bhattacharjee 1988
12th Century Imagery of the Virgin Mary - The Paragon at Chartres. Claudia June Butler 1988
The Baroque Style and the Oratory in London. Scott Gibson 1988
The Fresco Cycle in the Lombard Church of Santa Maria Di Casstelseprio. Helene-Marie P. Goulet 1988
In the Way of the White Man's Totem Pole: Isimshian Gravestone, 1879-1930. Ronald W. Hawker 1988
The Art of Alex Janvier: A Blend of Euroamerican and North American Indian Art Traditions. Derek Swallow 1988
The Shamsa in Iranian Illuminations. Elaine J Wright 1988


Illustrated Manuscripts of Diwan of Hafiz Produced During the Safavid Period 1501-1722. Nasrin R. Neyestani 1987
George Tooker: A Reasessment of the Artist. Jodi A. Wigmore 1987


Pre-Columbian Pottery and Sculpture of the Diquis Zone, Costa Rica. Henriette A. Schmidt 1986


The Influence of Religion on Dorset and Ipiutak Art. Emily Auger 1985
Post-Fifteenth Century A.D. Islamic Architecture in Libya. Abdalla A. Abdalla Elmahmudi 1985
A Vision of Salvation: Raigo Painting. Gail Fay Chin-Bryant 1985
Estonia: A History in Architecture. Helene M. Wieland 1985
National History Dioramas: A Popular Art Idiom in the Museum Context. Karen E. Wonders 1985


The Madrasa of 'Aluddin Khaiji'. Jeffrey B. Cohn 1984
Daughter of the Minotaur: Leonora Carrington and the Surrealist Image. Janice V. Helland 1984
The Iconographic Programme of the Zeno Chapel at Santa Prassede, Rome. Gillian V. Mackie 1984
Caravaggio's Seven Acts of Mercy in the Pio Monte Della Misericordia, Naples. Karen R. McDonald 1984
Images of Witchcraft in German Art From 1450 to 1550. Dorinda Neave 1984
The Shapes and Rhythms and Patterns of Things: The Linocuts of Sybil Andrews. Kathleen Niwa 1984
Felix Vallotton's Woodcuts and the Japanese Print. Mary A. Sipper 1984


The Mosaics of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Great Mosque of Damascus: A Muslim Symbolism. Elizabeth J. Adey 1983
Safawid Epigraphy in Isfahan: The Masjid-i Shah. Nuha N.N. Khoury 1983
The Double-Headed Serpent in the Indigenous Art of the Northwest Coast. Margaret R. Laurence 1983
Social Change and Woodlands Indian Art: The Sandy Lake School. Alice Carol Pearce 1983
The Art of Decadence. Roger Simpson 1983


Charles John Collings, 1848-1931. Linda Heath 1982


Architectural Decoration Under Shah Abbas. Julianne E. Cavanaugh 1981
Ksan: Museum, Cultural and Artistic Activity Among the Gitskan Indians of the Upper Skeena, 1920-1973. Leslie A. Dawn 1981
An Analysis of the Eight-Deotoes Section in the Codex Land. Virgina Lee Ehrman 1981
The Image of the Clown in Expressionist Painting. Sally C. Stubbs 1981


Benedectine Monastic Building in England 1200-1540. James F.P. Bugslag 1980
The Crease Family and the Arts in Victoria, B.C. Christina B. Johnson-Dean 1980


Jack Shadbolt: A Study of a Canadian Painter. John Fleming 1979
Symbol and function in the Architecture and Manusoleum of Humanyun Padshah. Laurence Gross 1979
The Life and Art of Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal (1829-1862): A Re-Examination. Roberta June Pazdro 1979
Spiritual Franciscanism and the 'Vede' Frescoes of San Francesco, Assisi.  June A. Pritchard 1979
Stylistic, Iconographic and Political Aspects of the St. Petersburg Bourse. Christine M. Stevenson 1979
The Symbolic Function of the Bank of Montreal Building on the Place D'imes, 1846: An Image of the English Mercantile Aristocracy. Brendan M. Vincelli 1979
The Hollywood Horseman: Evolution of an Archetype. R. Kerry White 1979
The Annunciation theme: A Case Study in the Unchanging Art of illustrction. Roy Allen Wiebe 1979


A Critical Bibliography of the Maltwood Archival Collection. Rosemary A. Brown 1978
Sketches From the Colonial Period: Early Artistic Representation of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Helen Peters 1978
Eminent Post-Victorians: The Bloomsbury Circle and the Visual Arts. Patricia Wright 1978


The Relationship Between Beaux-Arts City: Planning and the Municipal Reform Movement in the United States.  Douglas Franklin 1977
An Examination of the Italian Glass Industry and Its Influence of Native Stained and Painted Glass. Louis Myron Goldich 1977
The Indus Valley Seals: A Method for Their Study. Elizaeth D. Lovatt 1977


An American Utilitarian Architectural Aesthetic. Frederick J. Netherton 1974


Images of Canadianism: A History of Currency as An Art Form. Leslie Lerena Forsyth 1973
Grounds for Re-Appraising the East Anglian Manuscripts of Early Fourteenth-Century. Alastair W. Kerr 1973


The Miqat of al-Juhfa: A Historical and Archaeological Study.

Mohammad Alsubaie

Rubens and the Stoic Baroque: Classical Stoic Ethics, Rhetoric, and Natural Philosophy in Ruben's Style.

Catherine Nutting

The Simurgh: Representations and Meanings in Persian Painting.

Behrang Nabavi Nejad

Origins, Journeys, Encounters: A Cultural Analysis of Wayang Performances in North America.

Sutrisno Hartana

From Raqqa With Love: The Raqqa Excavations by the Ottoman Imperial Museum (1905-06 and 1908).

Filiz Tütüncü Çaglar











Paradigms of Collecting From Ethnography to Documenting the Individual Artists: Grace Nicholson and the Art History of Native Northwestern California Basketry During the Arts and Crafts Period, 1880-1930. M. Catie Cadge 2001


The Late Ottoman EN' AM-I SERIF: Sacred Text and Images in an Islamic Prayer Book. Alexandra Bain 1999
The Heiltsuk Case: Museums, Collectors, Inventories. Martha Black 1999
Golubets, Gravehouse and Gate: Old Russian Traditions and the Wooden Mortuary Architecture in Russia, Siberia, and the North Pacific. Janice Currier 1999
Vincent Massey: The Force of Culture. Karen Finlay 1999


Rocky Mountain Palettes: The Art of Peter and Catharine Whyte. Kathleen Niwa 1996


A Study of Cross-Cultural Aesthetic Receptivity: Art by Nicola Wojewoda and Inuit Artists' Responses to It.  Emily A. Auger 1994


Pictorial Cycles of Non-Biblical Saints: The Evidence of the 8th Century Mural Cycles in Rome. Lesly P. Jessop 1993


The "New Woman" in fin-de-siecle Art: Frances and Margaret MacDonald. Janice V. Helland 1991
The Early Medieval Chapel: Decoration, Form and Function: A Study of Chapels in Italy and Istria in the Period Between 313 and 741 AD. Gillian Vallance Mackie 1991