Petch Metal Strip Ceiling Removal

Petch Building and connecting link to Cunningham Building

In preparation for the Science Buildings Renewals, Kinetic Construction is removing the metal strip ceiling finish in Petch and within the link connecting Petch to Cunningham.

Metal strip ceiling removal will take place between June 19, 2017 and July 19, 2017. Removal of exterior ceiling finish (Petch breezeway and north main floor exterior walkway) as well as the ceiling finish within the link to Cunningham, will occur during normal building use hours. Removal of internal ceiling finish will occur after normal building use hours (after 4:00 pm).

Removal will start in the breezeway of Petch and along the north exterior walkway. Thereafter, removal will occur at the link between Petch and Cunningham. Once these areas are complete, removal will continue within Petch.

View/ Download Facilities Management Notice - Petch Metal Strip Ceiling Removal

Contact/ Organizer name: Scott Kingham, Senior Project Manager

Secondary Contact: David Hill, Senior Project Manager

Contact/Organizer email: or