Student enquiries

Undergraduate student enquiries

Students entering engineering from high school. Doug Mills, Undergraduate Admissions Services
Students transferring to engineering from UVic or other post-secondary institutions. LeAnne Golinsky, Admissions/Advising Officer
Phone: 250-721-6018
Students applying to the engineering bridging program should apply to Camosun College. Stephanie Milne, Technology Programs Assistant
Camosun College
Phone: 250-370-4404
Academic Program Adviser - 2nd, 3rd & 4th year MECH students.

Belinda de Jong, Administrative Officer, ELW B208
Phone: 250-472-5215

Course registration, students with general enquiries on the Mechanical Engineering program, pre-requisite waivers, program changes.

Kavita Sharma, Undergraduate Secretary, EOW 548
Email: Phone: 250-721-8895
Director of UG Program. Dr. Daniela Constantinescu, EOW 541
Email: Phone: 250-721-6040
Co-operative education enquiries, student numbers ending in 0-4: Calvin Tripp, ECS 220
Phone: 250-472-5816
Co-operative education enquiries, student numbers ending in 5-9: Susan Fiddler, ECS 222
Phone: 250-472-5810

All transfer credit requests are handled in the Engineering Undergraduate Office.

Any credit requests for courses not included in the pre-authorized list(s) are forwarded to the chair of the department for consideration. The chair, in consultation with the instructor(s), determines the recommendation of the department and forwards it to the Engineering Undergraduate Office.

Programs change requests are submitted to the appropriate year adviser listed above. The recommendation of the academic program adviser, signed by the undergraduate adviser of the department, is then forwarded to the Engineering Undergraduate Office for consideration.

If you want to obtain a waiver for a particular course, fill out the pre-requisite waiver request form and submit it to the Mechanical Engineering office at the beginning of the term.

The undergraduate adviser of the department, in consultation with the instructor(s), reviews all pre-requisite waiver requests. We'll let you know by email whether or not your request has been approved. If the request is approved the Undergraduate Secretary will provide the appropriate overrides in Banner for you to register.