Our People

Name Area Contact
David Bristow
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Resilient infrastructure, building and city systems
Sustainable cities
Integration of mitigation and adaptation
Sustainability Science
Heather Buckley
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Green chemistry, molecular sensors for water contaminants, safer prevention of fouling
Associate  Professor
Civil Engineering
Water and wastewater treatment
Biological treatment processes
Humanitarian emergency water supply and sanitation technologies
Treatment technologies.
Office: ECS 304a
Ralph Evins
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Building energy use simulation
Energy system optimization
Energy hubs
T Froese
Dr. Thomas Froese
Civil Engineering
Project and Construction Management Information and Computing Technologies Assessing Sustainability for Building and Infrastructure Projects and Operations Engineering Education
Office: ECS 420
Tom Gleeson
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
Groundwater footprints and sustainability
Mega-scale groundwater systems
Groundwater recharge and discharge
Fluid flow and geologic structures
Office: ECS 316
Rishi Gupta
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
Advanced materials for structures
Structural health monitoring of reinforced concrete structures
Plastic shrinkage of concrete
Innovative construction technologies
Office: ECS 314
Chris Kennedy
Professor and Chair
Civil Engineering 
Sustainable cities
Industrial Ecology
Office: ECS 304b
Cheng Lin
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Soil Erosion and scour
Non-self-supporting materials
Sustainable reuse of waste and contaminated soil
Pile foundations
Storm surge wall and bulkhead
Slope stability
Paved and unpaved roads
Madeleine McPherson
Dr. Madeleine McPherson, Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
Variable renewable energy integration
Energy systems integration
Systems modelling and design
Office: EOW 343
Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
Energy Efficient Buildings
High Performance Thermal Insulations
Hygrothermal Response of Building Envelopes
Bio-based Construction Materials
Retrofit Technologies
Office: ECS 318
Min Sun
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Steel Structures
Assistant Professor 
Civil Engineering
Sustainable water resources
Water use and infrastructure 
impacts on hydrologic processes
Hydrologic impacts of climate change
Flood processes
Lina Zhou
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Timber Structures
Office: EOW 302
Professor Emeritus
Scott Iverson
Assistant Teaching Professor Emeritus
Civil Engineering
Sustainable transportation systems
Engineering economics
Project planning
Operations research
Name Contact
Irene Statham
Civil Engineering Administrative Officer
Christine Doszecki 
Civil Engineering Secretary
Office: ECS 304
Lorrie Barth
Civil Engineering Grad Secretary
Office: ECS 304
Alejandra Montenegro
Civil Engineering Undergraduate
Academic Advisor
Office: EOW 219
Paul Kovacs
Programmer Analyst
Office: ECS 313
Dr. Armando Tura
Laboratory Supervisor
Office: ECS 311
Geoff Burton
Laboratory Technologist
Office: CARSA A160H
Arielle Garrett
Laboratory Technologist
Bastien Lanusse
Laboratory Technologist

Dr. Tuna Onur

Mr. Andrew Pape-Salmon

Dr. Elizabeth Tilley

Dr. Owen Waygood

Dr. Syed Imran Ali

Dr. Simon Parkinson

Dr. Manuel Rodriguez

Mr. Roland Clift

Spring 2020


CIVE 310                   

Camille Zimmer (zim.camille@gmail.com) ECS 319

CIVE 412

Kear Porttris (porttris@uvic.ca) ECS 315

CIVE 444

Claire Remmington (creminton@uvic.ca)  ECS 319

CIVE 452

Tuna Onur (tuna@onurseemann.com) ECS 319




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