Changes to the BSENG Program

We have made some changes to improve the software engineering program and better align with our accreditation requirements. The changes below will take effect in the September 2024 calendar. Current SENG students should check their preferred email account for a message from the BSENG Office.

  • Removing ENGR141, PHYS111 from the program (was in term 1B)
  • Adding one additional Natural Science Elective to term 1B (i.e., PHYS111 is replaced by an open Natural Science Elective, which a student may choose to be PHYS111)
  • Moving CHEM101 from term 2A to term 1B
  • Moving one Complementary Studies Elective from term 4A to term 2A
  • Changing SENG499 to 3.0 units (in term 4A) to better reflect the workload expected in this course

The total number of credits required remains at 71.5.

Depending on where you are in your program, this may affect you in different ways.

For students declared into SENG prior to Fall 2024

Many students will have already taken ENGR141 and/or PHYS111. For students who have already completed:

  • PHYS111: This course now simply serves as one of the required Natural Science Electives.
  • ENGR141: Students can elect to have ENGR141 count as one of their required Technical Electives. To do this, you will need to request permission from the BSENG Advisor as this is not on the SENG program’s formal list of pre-approved Technical Electives. This option is only open to students declared into SENG prior to FALL 2024.

This transition plan ensures that you don’t exceed 71.5 required units.

For students declaring into SENG for Fall 2024 or later

These students seamlessly take the new SENG program, as would all future new students and all students transferring into SENG from other programs as of Fall 2024.

Students transferring into the BSENG program from another degree program will be treated as students declaring into SENG for Fall 2024 (or after), i.e., as with all transferring students, courses they have already completed may or may not count to their new degree program depending on the requirements of that new program.