Green transportation research for heavy-duty marine, mining and transportation sectors receives $1M funding from Washington Foundation in conjunction with Seaspan

Zuomin Dong. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Electrified vehicles with advanced hybrid electric propulsion systems have been proven effective for improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.  However, the technology has not been widely applied to heavy-duty transportation applications due to the large variation of their operational uses and high development costs.

The green transportation research team at UVic’s Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, built and led by mechanical engineer Zuomin Dong, carries out research on hybrid electric technologies that enable cleaner, lower cost fuel alternatives. Funding from Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation in conjunction with Seaspan will advance solutions for heavy-duty marine, mining and transportation sectors working to meet their greenhouse gas targets and climate change mitigation goals—critical goals of the Pan-Canadian Framework.

Research is aimed at integrating advanced hybrid electric vehicle powertrain technologies with cleaner natural gas engines to break the barrier of ship and large vehicle powertrain hybridization. The research will lead to increased energy efficiency and operational cost improvements as well as a reduction in emissions and ship noise. Funding will accelerate the research and development work, build closer ties between UVic researchers and the marine and mining industry partners, and provide better training to specialists and future leaders in green transportation. 

Contact: Zuomin Dong