Werner in the field
Arelia Werner is a hydrologist at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium. She starting working there as a co-op student while completing her MSc in geography at UVic.

What can I do with a degree in geography?

Geography explores the relationship between human and biophysical systems and our graduates are prepared for careers seeking solutions to some of the most critical issues of our time such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, sustainability of resource management systems, international development, and community and urban planning.

Some career options for geography majors

  • Cartographer
  • Education program coordinator
  • Emergency planner
  • Environmental assessment coordinator
  • First Nations governance
  • Forestry technician
  • Geotechnical engineer*
  • GIS specialist
  • Land use planner
  • Marine conservationist
  • Meteorologist
  • Mining researcher
  • Parks policy analyst
  • Real estate appraiser
  • Remote sensing analyst
  • Sustainability/environmental consultant
  • Urban/regional planner

*Additional education and training may be required

More information from UVic Co-op + Careers (pdf)

What are our graduates doing?

Our graduates work in fields such as resource management, environmental consulting, urban planning, international development, meteorology and geographic information systems. Get started in geography at UVic and discover what kind of impact you can have with your degree.

Meet our alumni

Arelia Werner

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

Arelia is a hydrologist at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, where she investigates the influence of climate change on streamflow for several major watersheds in BC. Her areas of expertise include hydrologic modelling, selecting global climate models, evaluating future projections and statistical downscaling. Read more

Geography - MSc (2006)

Steven Myhill-Jones

Latitude Geographics

Steven's degree in geography and associated co-op experience served as the foundation for starting Latitude Geographics while still an undergraduate student. The company has evolved into a web mapping software company, employs 90 people and helps customers around the globe use geographic information to make better decisions about the world around us. Read more

Geography - BSc (1999)

Kristen Brown

Director, Planning & Programs
Emergency Management Unit, BC Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia

Kirsten has worked in the field of emergency management for 10 years as both a volunteer and a professional. As an emergency manager, Kirsten works with a broad range of stakeholders to plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies. With 57 known hazards potentially impacting BC, ranging from floods, wildfires, landslides, extreme weather, earthquakes and tsunamis, the work is always engaging, collaborative and dynamic. Read more

Geography - BSc (2004)

Keith Holmes

Spatial Scientist
Hakai Beach Institute

Keith works at the Hakai Beach Institute in partnership with the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Lab at UVic. He works at the Hakai Research Station on Calvert Island with an enthusiastic crew of scientists and partners from other universities. His work involves a number of projects from sea otter monitoring, kelp forest mapping, bathymetry and oceanography models, and forest productivity mapping. Read more

Geography - BSc (2007), MSc (2013)

Elizabeth Oliphant

Multidisciplinary Hydrographer
Canadian Hydrographic Service (DFO)

Elizabeth helps survey, process and display the data used to create navigation charts, tide tables and sailing directions. Her organization's mandate is to ensure the safety of Canadian navigable waterways through measuring and describing the physical features of the marine environment. Read more

Geography - BSc (2010)

Gwendal Castellan

Energy Specialist
Tourism Vancouver

Gwendal acts as the primary point of contact for Tourism Vancouver members and stakeholders for all initiatives that relate to energy conservation. He also provides demand side management expertise and leadership in coordinating and driving best practices within the sector. Gwendal produced and filmed the documentary "Long Road North" about his 19-month-long bike trip halfway across the world. Read more

Geography - BSc (1999)

Elle Bardol

Spatial Analyst
British Columbia Ministry of Natural Gas Development

Elle leads technical projects to support research planning activities by conceptualizing, designing, developing and executing advanced spatial analysis and presentation that integrates data from diverse sources. Read more

Geography - BSc (2010)

Mark Boysen

Sustainability Coordinator
Planning Department, District of Saanich

Mark leads multi-party department sustainability programs in the community with a focus on the changing climate. The role includes policy development and practical implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation planning and actions, green energy solutions and sustainable community development. Read more

Geography - BSc (1997)

Lindsay Chase

Director of Development Services
Town of View Royal

Lindsay Chase is the Director of Development Services for the Town of View Royal. She manages and regulates land use through the review of development applications and the creation of long-term planning policy. Read more

Geography - BA (1997)

Heather Bauer

Climate Action Analyst
Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Province of British Columbia

Heather is involved in outreach and citizen engagement at the Climate Action Secretariat, an agency that works across government and with stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions and prepare for climate change. Open government and citizen engagement is a fairly new approach to governance, which respects the need for citizens to be active in helping government make good decisions about providing services and ensuring sustainable prosperity. Read more

Geography - BSc (2009)