Female student on the UVic campus

Hands-on education

Our campus is a living classroom—with field schools and lots of opportunities for hands-on learning, you'll never get stuck at your desk.

Undergraduate studies
A student interviewing another student outdoors

Study what you're passionate about

Undergraduate student Levi Hildebrand interviews graduate student Alessia Kockel about her research on marine ecosystem conservation in the Philippines.

Graduate studies
Rosaline Canessa in the Coastal and Ocean Resource Analysis Lab

Research that matters

Rosaline Canessa's Coastal and Ocean Resource Analysis Lab uses spatial technologies such as GIS and seascape visualization to support the protection of marine ecosystems.

Our research
Two students looking at a map on a bridge

Learning in the field

Geography field study courses take students to the edge of glaciers, face-to-face with whales, knee deep in mudflats—locally and around the world.

Field schools
Co-op student doing monitoring work in Waterton Lakes National Park

Gain relevant work experience

Get paid to learn with incredible co-op placement opportunities, like Kyle, who worked as an Ecological Monitoring Technician in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Co-op education
Nalin Dillon in front of a painting in ASB

Be engaged

Geography explores the relationship between human and biophysical systems and our graduates are prepared for careers seeking solutions to critical issues.

Career possibilities
Maycira Costa and grad students looking at a laptop on board a ferry

BC ferry passengers become citizen scientists

Passengers are helping UVic geographer Maycira Costa and grad students understand ocean health and declining salmon populations in the Salish Sea.

In the news

Understanding people and their environment

Geography is an integrative, environmental discipline that at its core asks how we impact, and are impacted by, the natural world. As an interdisciplinary field, we view problems from multiple perspectives, including physical science, social science and humanities approaches.

We're proud to be a community where disciplines intersect, generating unique insights in one of the most extraordinary environments world-wide.

Our students gain the specific set of tools needed to integrate information from the human and natural perspectives to solve new and complex challenges as they emerge, in the environment and in the world around us.

Want to understand how human-environment interactions impact the world? Looking for hands-on learning opportunities that bring theory to life?

Find your edge in UVic's Department of Geography