iMovie '11

Video editing software from Apple. iMovie '11 features new effects, themes, and audio editing. Has since been replaced with the newer iMovie 10.

If you need more help or have questions, please contact us or check out our Technical Support page and TechFairy Tutorials OAC Blog where we may have specific Education-geared tutorials and videos.

iMovie '11 is only available on the Mac platform. iMovie '11 is out of date and is only avalable on older computers.

If iMovie '11 is not available in your current location, please use Final Cut Pro HD, Adobe Premiere or iMovie 10.

For information on setting up availability in other locations, please contact us.

Apple iMovie '11  Getting Started tutorials

Tech Radar UK  How to edit audio in iMovie '11

MacCreateNetwork Video tutorials (search iMovie 11) - Once there, click on the "Uploads" button and then search "iMovie" (in the right hand column.)

iMovie FAQ  Video tutorials

Ed Tech EPHE 452 Tutorial page for web editing and video editing

Vimeo Video School  Video tutorials

Basic iMovie Tutorials on Tech Fairy

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Often there are other applications that work well with your software or do similar things and might be better suited to your task. Check out these related applications:

iMovie 10 - newer version of iMovie with an improved look, avalable on newer machines.

Final Cut Express - entry-level level program for basic to moderate video editing.

Premiere Pro - professional level program for advanced video editing.