A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery

The A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery

The A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery is one of the few galleries in North America dedicated to young people’s artwork. It has received generous support from the Johns family since it’s inauguration in 1986. The support has allowed the curators to regularly schedule exhibitions from various school districts around the province and from around the world. The most recent exhibitions from Siberia, Iraq, and Afghanistan were warmly received by university students, faculty, and the public, allowing them to understand and appreciate more deeply the social events and conditions affecting children in various cultural milieus.

Each year, hundreds of UVic students benefit from instruction related to carefully prepared exhibits. This extends to graduate students who hold their final exhibitions in the gallery space in completion of their Masters degree.

The success of the gallery has been due to the dedication of art educator, A. Wilfrid Johns (1905–1982) and the continued support of his wife, Tressie (1906-2005). Their vision, and the coninuing support of their son Bob and his family, enables the gallery to play a strong and vital role in university and community life.