Maxwell Cameron Memorial Medals


Dr. Maxwell Cameron was the head of the Department of Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the mid-1940's. Prior to that, he had been on staff for many years as an Associate Professor and director of UBC's School of Education.

Early in his career, he served for five years as the principal of the Powell River High School. Dr. Cameron gained prominence in BC when in 1945 he undertook, on behalf of the provincial government, a major study and report on educational costs. The one man commission resulted in The Cameron Report on Education, in which Dr. Cameron recommended a restructuring of the province into large, regionally defined administrative units to be called school districts. He went on to recommend a new formula for school finances, and also recommended that local school districts be designed to include an amalgamation of the rural, municipal and city school districts that had existed before the commission. The British Columbia Teacher’s Federation (BCTF), along with many other educational groups, endorsed The Cameron Report and many of its recommendations were implemented by the provincial government.

The Maxwell A. Cameron Memorial Medals commemorate the distinguished life and work of Dr. Cameron - professor, administrator and author. Each year the BCTF grants awards to outstanding education students at post secondary institutions around the province.

The criteria being that the student is completing the final year of the bachelor of education degree in secondary and elementry/middle school streams who, in the opinion of the Dean of the Faculty of Education, and of the director of the division concerned, is the outstanding student in their graduating class. Interested in applying?