Lillian Ackerman Memorial Bursary

Lilian Edith Ackerman

As remembered by Katherine Morettin, B.C. Branch President, March 1999:

“Lillian Edith Ackerman was born March 28th, 1913. She was a great-granddaughter of pioneers Duncan and Helen Lidgate. She was a life member of the Saanich Pioneers Society and a long-time member of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons. Joining our organization in 1938, Lillian belonged to the Speedwell Circle and subsequently organized our Circle, the Goodwill Circle in 1950.

Lillian was a tireless worker and held many executive positions for 57 years. She held a strong belief in our Interdenominational, International, Philanthropic work. Lillian helped raise money with her fellow members for many worthwhile projects and charities. Her constant love and interest was helping people in all walks of life to further their education.

Our British Columbia members are very honoured to help 3rd or 4th year students in the Faculty of Education here at the Universty of Victoria by giving them the Lillian Ackerman Memorial Bursary. Lillian and I traveled together to the General International Convention in Ohio in 1992, and to Central Council in 1993 and 1995, held at Chautauqua, New York. Our friendship meant a lot to me.” Interested in applying?