Welcome to OAC Support! In this area, you will find step-by-step instructions to help you build and maintain your OAC site. Learn more about how to create a site, customize the look and feel, add content, and more. Use the menu at the left hand side to find what you are looking for and explore the following areas:

  • Getting started: learn more about the OAC, how it can be used, how to create your own site and select a theme, and how to add users.
  • Posts and pages: learn more about pages and posts, using categories and tags, embedding media and linking to websites/pages, creating a static front page, and more.
  • Manage your site: learn more about customizing your site, creating a menu, preventing spam comments, and more.
  • Widgets and plugins: learn more about the widgets and plugins available within the OAC, and how to add these to your site.
  • Connect with others: learn more about friends and followers, sending messages within the OAC, and updating your profile.
  • Additional support: find out who to contact if you have questions, and information about workshops and drop-in support sessions.