Get started with iclickers

Support for instructors

i>clicker is an electronic polling system that instructors can use to collect students' opinions, administer quizzes, and engage students in collaborative learning. Instructors typically use i>clickers by asking students questions and then electronically gathering their responses, promoting discussion in the classroom.

If you are using i>clicker for one of your classes, there are a few things that you will need in order to get started (including AV cabinet keys, a classroom equipped with an i>clicker receiver, and a master i>clicker). You will then need to download and configure the i>clicker and i>grader software. Have a look through the First steps checklist and i>clicker software setup and configuration procedures in University Systems' Instructor i>clicker support documentation. Then have a look at the other sections in our documentation here, for pedagogical tips and advice for teaching with i>clickers.